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Position Scope

TAISAN has an immediate opening position for a CTO, who is passionate about energy storage, to create innovative electrolyte materials and systems to enable safe, long cycle life operation of high energy density sodium metal batteries.


CTO must ideally be based in United Kingdom (ideally, in/near London)


  • Lead the development of quasi-solid-state sodium-ion battery, aligning with the company's mission of environmental sustainability

  • Oversee research and development in gel polymer electrolyte and sodium metal anode, focusing on sustainable and efficient production methods

  • Collaborate with various departments to ensure the integration of eco-friendly practices into all products and operations

  • Manage and grow the technology team, promoting a culture of innovation and forward-thinking.

  • Align technological strategies with the company's business goals and objectives

  • Stay informed about emerging trends and advancements in sodium-ion batteries

  • Direct the implementation of new technologies and systems within the company

  • Conduct technology risk assessments and management

  • Foster relationships with external research institutions and industry leaders in the field of green chemistry



  • Advanced degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Science, or a related field.

  • Significant experience in green chemistry, sustainable materials, or related fields.

  • Demonstrated leadership in managing technology teams and projects.

  • Excellent leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

  • Deep understanding of current trends in sustainable chemical technologies.

  • Experience in overseeing large-scale technological projects and budgets.

  • An ability to communicate new concepts and draw insight from discussions with coworkers.

  • Expertise and hands-on experience in high purity chemicals and impacts on device performance and manufacturing.

  • Knowledge of common sodium-ion anode and electrolyte systems; including common sodium salt, solvents, and additives, and their role

  • Demonstrable track record of learning new technologies quickly and using your skillset to have a tangible impact in a short time frame.

  • Ability to onboard and integrate existing in-house knowledge with new discoveries and challenges being tackled in developing electrolyte materials for high energy rechargeable sodium metal cells.

  • Ability to identify and execute testing metrics to shorten the cycle of learning.

  • A technical leader with the ability to positively influence peers and bring the team together.

  • Track record of intellectual property creation.

  • Has worked with moisture sensitive materials in a glovebox or dry room.

  • Proficiency in cell assembly, cell test, and data analysis.


  • Doctorate in chemistry or materials science with 5+ years of industrial/academic experience.

  • Demonstrated passion to be in mobile energy space.

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